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Sustainable Green Technology:

Agriculture or Homesteading both need creative solutions to Energy & non agressive uses of land.
Bio Fuels, Permaculture, Pond Culture, Aquaponics, Bio Mass, Thermal Energy, Water Management, Solar, Wind and more can be employed to increase your pleasure or production for Land Use. We can create a fully integrated solution for Land Owners or Agriculture. Contact us for a free evalution of Planned Land Use or Existing Property.
We are specialists in Portable Power & Living Modules. Anything from hand held devices to Industrial Light and Power Centers on wheels. Our products costs less than anyones! We dont spare on efficiency & power, but we do on price! Our Non-Profit specializes in Emergency Response and to make portable green energy a vital element of this. Integrated units can be shelter, power and transportation of goods & people. Our Green Events Company uses our products to power large events & small gatherings. All 100% No Carbon Footprint!
Today Building Green has become easier than ever before and Creative Design has become an Art Form.
As well as, less costly, than standard building. Using Ecological sound materials & sustainable NRG production, your home, garden, business and more can be Integrated for 100% Planet Friendly. We Design both Stationary & Mobile Green Buildings to any specification.

What Waste?


Upcycle/recycle tech

We educate and produce products using Upcycled Materials & Bio Mass NRG.



Join our Campaign in replacing Plastic as a Materials. DUMB PLASTIC CAMPAIGN



We educate and utilize in our designs & plans Grey & Black Water systems, which reduce water usage and waste.