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Our products:

Small Portable NRG!
Solar and/or Wind Products you can take anywhere with you.
Never be without Power!
Med Portable NRG
Solar and/or Wind you can use if you really need some power. Events, Camping and More! GO POWER!
Lrg. Portable NRG
Whether its your home, land/farm, commerical or Industrial location Renewable Energy is the answer!
Colored Solar Panels
Solar does not have to look so UGLY, our colored solar panels increase curb appeal, improve aesthetics, and You can ENJOY YOUR POWER! AMERICAN MADE
Sustainable Agri
Whether its Permaculture, Aquaponics or Pond Culture, we can help you create Green Solutions to Food & Outdoor Eco Living.
NRG Storage
Battery Storage Systems are the vital for both Grid Tie & Off Grid Energy Power. We offer American Made Lithium Solutions. AMERICAN MADE
Solar Installation
Guarenteed at least 40% less than any other Installation Company! Home, Business or Industrial.
Eco Building
Whether Stationary Or Mobile we have the Designs for you! Free Quote. Home, Garden, Temporary or On the Road! Solar/Wind Powered
Upcycle Products
The fun part of Waste Management are Products made from recycled materials for any budget. Even a Plastic Bottle can turn into a Masterpiece!